"Research on Multi-dimensional Metadata Structure and Fast Query Approach in Large-scale Storage System", National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), No. 60703046, 2008- 2010.


Summary (2008-2010):

The project concentrates on the organization structure of multi-dimensional metadata and fast query approaches in large-scale storage systems. There are 4 research points including data storage organization structure, fast query approaches, analysis on data access behaviors and functionality support from system platforms. In order to handle the heterogeneous and various storage system platforms, this project proposed the BR-tree, PBF and G-HBA to efficiently support query services for multi-dimensional metadata. Through the analysis on the enormous data access behaviors, the patterns were accurately identified to further help construct the SmartStore and B-LSH by using the potential semantics and locality. The optimization of RAID construction, deduplication and access management were also well studied. This project published 21 papers, including IEEE Transactions (TC, TPDS), Journal of Computer Research and Development, FAST, ACM/IEEE Supercomputing Conference (SC), ICDCS, ICPP, HPDC, IPDPS and Cluster, which are widely cited by IEEE TPDS, FAST, SC and MSST. These papers are well-cited, and obtained the Best Student Paper Award in the IEEE NAS conference. We filed multiple patents and software copyrights.


Publications (2008-2010):

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